Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Week [6th – 12th Sept] in Review [Accra]

Finally, this week has come to a successful end. It’s actually has been, without doubt, a very eventful week in the history of Ghana [my happy-homeland.] Indeed, it couldn’t have ended on a more eventful note. Honestly, in this high-speed dot com age when man has varying interests in the incredible and sometimes paralyzing abundance of options, it becomes increasingly difficult to tell what makes sense and what doesn’t.

The Review [Accra]

The week started on a rather shocking-but-exciting note when the CEO of Exopa Modeling Agency [a leading modeling company in Ghana] was “grabbed”, “nabbed” or maybe, “arrested” at our almighty Kotoka International Airport (KIA) with cocaine stuffed into some tubers of yam. I have a question and it’s going the media guys who broad-casted this breaking news. [What type of yam was it? Was it a puna, afasie, dabrekor, pundjo or avadze?]

These yams were purportedly destined for someone in “abrokyire: abroad”. Apparently, there is no yam in the country of destination, huh? The said tubers, sadly did not weigh the normal kilos/grams, as their insides were scooped and re-designed for other purposes; to contain other things.

Hell broke loose as the content of the tubers turned out to be a whitish powdery substance suspected to be “benzoylmethylecgonine aka Cocaine”. And as expected, that became the most important piece of news item for most part of the day and the days thereafter. All over Facebook, Twitter and all other social network, it was a banner headline.

What I find rather ridiculous about this whole yam odyssey has nothing to do with the fact that Ibrahim Sima is a huge public figure and maybe a role model for somebody or let me put it well, for the model girls at his company... Far from it. Indeed, I don’t think he is one. Well, at least, neither for me nor my kid sisters. I just don’t think that the guy looks smarter than he really is. In other words “tagbor faa n3 papa (in ewe): w’aa bon papa, ni tri e’wu paa (in twi)”.

I bet he has to get his head re-examined; in the unlikely event that the heavens smile on him and his lame excuse (of not knowing the content of the yams), saves him from rotting at the newly renovated Nsawam Prisons also knows as University of Nsawam. Was it Usher-Ray or 50 Cents? Which of them said, “get rich or die tryin?” I am sure, it’s 50 Cent…!!

As things stand, this guy may just ‘die tryin’. Ibrahim Sima should have taken a few fundamental tutorials from this hip-hop boys since he’s already a fashion mogul in Ghana. Someone who was able to invite Boris Kodjoe for his Ghana Fashion Weekend, He should have known that the cops are very familiar with this archaic and childish prank.

Now, if that guy really wants to make money and walk with the big guys, he should be considering at least a 40 footer container full of the stuff and not some 4 or 5 tubers of yam. It’s a shame. He has only succeeded in dragging the cherished business of the purportedly T-gor’s and the KB’s, in a piggy mud. Those guys won’t be excited at all. As a matter of fact, I am not going to side with IB at all, didn't know; He's such a coward...

Is Boris Kodjoe coming to Ghana in December for the * L* Fashion Nite?? Now that IB has been arrested, what's next for his modeling ladies? What would happen to his customized Range Rover with number plate EXOPA 7Y??? Heard, its been impounded at Narcotics Control Board [NACOB] as investigations continue.

Part 2 of Review coming soon... Going out for a lunch. Need to grab a bite. Been writing this in between my web-conference this morning.


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Edward of PathGhana said...

How are the Mighty fallen!!! There was also a case against the Great Lamptey Mills.