Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Free Wi-Fi Hotspots In Accra.

I read Rebecca Wanjiku’s [my Kiswahili blogger friend in Nairobi] post on “Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Locations in Nairobi” and I just felt like doing same for Accra. When MakerFaireAfrica ‘09 was in session from the 14th to 16th August at the KACE-AITI, most of the Wi-Fi’s weren't working well despite their three internet services around. Heard, the national provider been Vodafone was down. Well, this only happens in [Ogyakrom] Ghana. 

I have a problem here though. ---Ghanaians and the word FREE---. Hmmmmmm. Whenever a Ghanaian [most I have encountered] hears, something is for free in Ghana, he/she jumps at it first before thinking about the clauses attached. 

I have been a busy-go-buddy since returning to Accra two years ago. I would probably say; I define “WEB-A-HOLIC”... Every minute of my time spent on the internet is more valuable to me than to be out there doing other non-beneficial stuffs. I have more friends all over the world and can't stay connected with them through snail mail, telephone conversations etc...etc... Therefore, the internet is surely my best tool/place for connecting with everyone out there. No wonder, I have 1000+ friends on FaceBook. 

Lately, a lot of social events have been going on on-line but the need for physical meet-ups is becoming more necessary than before. For instance, Ghana Blogging members usually meet virtually for un-conferences and discussions about the future of blogging in Ghana through a mailing list but recently, there is the need for physical meet-ups. 

While physical meetings are going on; we also take into consideration our members who by some [reasons] couldn't make it and would like to still participate by hosting a conference on Skype where they share ideas and also contribute to whatever is been discussed.. 

I haven't really roamed Accra that much to know more about the various Hotspot locations but the list below should help start for now. 

Coconut Groove Regency Hotel

Yesterday, I was at a GISPA meeting at the Coconut Groove Regency Hotel around the Sankara Overpass and was stunned. YES... I was very stunned at what I saw. I was about a fourth of the way through downloading an episode of Dirty Sexy Money, and it took me about 5mins to finish it (using uTorrent). I saw max speeds of 2MB (big B) per second, and it hovered at about 900KBps for most of the download. From what I gathered it's free and anybody or group of people looking for such an environment could come there for any social events; be it meet-ups, provided they shall buy drinks/foods whiles there. If anybody gets the chance, they should check it out. 

RATING: ****

Protea Hotel - Accra.
Located in Accra's wealthiest and most exclusive suburb called East Legon, this hotel offers a whole lot more than just FREE Wi-Fi. It's actually got a notice of "Free Wi-Fi Zone" just at the main reception and the restaurant. If you looking at watching a Rugby game and enjoying some surfing for free, just try it and let me know your review.

RATING: ****

.Smoothies [Smoothys] Pub
This place is located on the Oxford Street in Osu, right opposite Compu-Ghana Ltd and a few minutes’ walk from Papaye. It’s been and is still the best place for any social event. Ghana blogging members have actually adopted this place for their monthly meet-ups until another location comes up. This place suits most members because of proximity, space and as usual FREE Wi-Fi [if you don’t agree, well it’s your own kpalava].
Ayesha Haruna Attah had a book reading and the launching of her African Writer’s Series book at this same place. Though it was packed, everything went on well. Ghana Developers Community would be holding their first meet-up at this same venue on 4th September. Would be seeking people’s views and comments about it though.


.Venus Restaurant
Located in the area of the former US Embassy and the plush Citizen Kofi Nite club in Osu, very close to Danquah Circle, you can have a very nice meal and still use their free Wi-Fi... I really enjoyed it there when Ghana blogging members had their July meet-ups there. The internet gets real SLOW when too many free-surfers are connected but its pretty fast.


.Novotel Hotel
For some reasons, I like it here. Anytime, I am in the Central Business district of Accra where this hotel is located and I have to respond to nature’s call. I look no further than here. Nobody cares to ask, what you doing here or whatsoever. They have a cool environment and friendly staffs. FREE Wi-Fi is accessible here, quality is a bit hit and miss, patience is a helpful virtue. DNS takes time to resolve but when it does eventually, its super fast. Best days would be Wednesdays and Fridays. Un-booked meet-ups not really allowed. Maybe, would have to look more into that.


.Holiday Inn Hotel
Last Christmas, I was at Holiday Inn Hotel located at Airport City not very from the Kotoka International Airport and the Silver Star Tower to provide some form of IT support for a visiting Civil Engineer. I was actually recommended to him by an Engineer friend at my former company, Dizengoff Ghana Limited. I enjoyed the free use of internet without any interruption. The speed was pretty cool, no interferences. Download speed was off the hook. I don't think I disliked anything in particular at the hotel except for the fact that, the security officers were a bit hostile from the beginning.


.Legassi Gardens-Serviced Apartments.
Legassi Gardens-Serviced Apartments. Located around the Addis Avenue, Pokuase Station Residential Area, offers Free Wi-Fi access. Wi-Fi in Lobby and Restaurant. Internet Speed; quite better than a couple I have paid for. Try it out of you live close.


The following are [Pre-paid Wi-Fi Zones] I came across while compiling this list.

.- BusyInternet used to offer Free Wi-Fi service at their Liquide Bar until people started abusing it. Currently, BusyInternet runs a Pre-paid Wi-Fi Service at their main HQ on the Ring Road and all other BusyInternet Hotspots in Accra. You can located the rest in Tema community 6, Accra Mall and also at the Kotoka International Airport, Accra...

.- Captain’s Hotspot.-: Evelyn House, Ogbojo Down Town, South Legon 
.- Jefkings Hotel Adenta, Accra.-: 300m Off the Adenta Police post towards Dodowa, Adenta
.- KNUST Guest House; OSU.-: KNUST Guest House. OSU near Country Kitchen
.- La Beach Hotel WiFi. -: La Pleasure Beach Resort , Accra. [Pre-paid wi-fi]
.- Rocky Café (Retelgy Ltd). -: 100 Meters from American House, East Legon

If you have other places you have visited and experienced their Wi fi, please leave a comment and will benefit all others interested.

Thanks for passing through and don't forget your comments, feedbacks and criticisms are always welcome.


Wayan said...

Inspired by your list, I just created a free Abuja WiFi hotspot list. Sadly, its not the same breadth as yours.

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Great work, will for sure check these places out! More of this type of service posts!!!

Henry Addo said...

There is one too at Osu food court which I have used. The speed can't complain much.

Osu food court is located on the Osu Oxford street. Its about 30 meters( on the right side of the street ) from Woodin as if you are heading towards Frankies.

kojo said...

Found one at North Legon(around Wisconsin University) called oRange Hotspot. i think it is cool. it serves the residents and student hostels as well. Great speed on a good day. someone check it out

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