Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Love For Facebook Is Decreasing. I'm Twit-ter-ing NOW

For sometimes now, everybody have been going the Tweetz, Twitz or Twitter way. First, it was Hi5 and later came Facebook. Now we have Twitter.. If you are not on Twitter, join me in knowin' more.....!!! Let me start by stating the major differences between Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is a great application for keeping in touch with friends, long-lost school mates and receiving info, pictures and other information about people you already know. If you have no desire to network with a number of people you've never met, then there is no reason to get a Twitter account.

Twitter is a micro-blogging, more like a social network meant to exchange information, entertainment or status/thought information with people outside of your immediate circle – that's it – however, there are some great advantages of being able to do that. If you are looking to network with people you don't know as opposed to primarily communicating with people you do know then Twitter is a great tool. I am not saying that networking is not possible on Facebook, it is however facilitated in a different manner.

: If you find that you are constantly looking at your friend requests to see where you know someone from before you accept the friend add, then you possibly would not like Twitter. Yes, you won't like it..

The best analogy that I can give is that Facebook for me is like; working in an office – everything has to be "politically correct". Twitter is like hanging with good friends where pretty much anything goes and it's a relaxed, fun environment for getting and receiving "info-tainment."

As my friend-base on Facebook expands, [currently I'm around 1000+], I find that I can't say whatever is on mind because people are either not receptive, judgmental or easily offended. With Twitter, there are very few limits – its like hanging with great friends – you can "let your pants down" so-to-speak. One of my tweets this weekend said [
"At home alone, farting in my room. Air around is so smelly.. Cough-Cough."] I would never put that in my status on Facebook update due to some of the "P.C. dynamics" in my FB network. It was quite a fun topic over on Twitter though… Got silly comments from people I haven't met before..

: The Twitter website and interface are HORRIBLE!! For a much better and more enjoyable Twitter experience download TweetDeck – it only takes 5-8 mins and revolutionizes the tool. If you are using an S60 Symbian Phone like the Nokia E & N series, You can download snaptu and S60 Tweets which are all free, but if you want to buy one, try Gravity.

I want to keep this note as short as possible, so I will end by bulleting a few advantages of Twitter:
On Facebook most people use their "government name" which can limit your communication (if you're a school teacher you might not want to say "I've got a killer hangover" on a FB status update.) With Twitter you can comfortably communicate using an alias if you so choose.

- On Facebook if you comment on a friend's status you will receive notifications from everyone in that person's network if they respond to that same status after you. On Twitter if you respond to a friend's "tweet" you will only see their response or the response of other's you follow – not the responses of their entire network.

- To expand on the above point – if you are in a back and forth chat with a friend, the only people who see the communication in their account are you and that person and any mutual friends the two of you have. That communication does not go to your entire network if you are replying dire
ctly to them.
- On Twitter, entries are limited to 140 characters, it is designed for short bursts of information.

- On Twitter, you are encouraged to share your personality and sense of humor and expertise – many times you will find people from across the country or world that you have a lot in common with and actually can assist you in some way or become an excellent future connection/resource.

I could go much further, because there are many more positive points, but for those who have questions; I'm willing to give additional info because Twitter for me has been an incredible experience. I didn't like it at first, but it was more because I didn't understand how to use it.

Twitter is meant to be interactive and a free-form expression of how you feel about ANYTHING going on with you. I have received tons of laughs, great information from people I didn't know and I've met some incredible outside of those I already know. It is not like Facebook, totally different, used for different reasons, but people are expanding their sphere of influence, their business and personal network and having fun while doing it. Its more like a dating site these days from comments I've been receiving from friends. Who knows, you might find your love there... Lol.

I remember vividly, when Obama was in Ghana, I was sitting comfortably on my bed and twit-ter-ing [act of twittering from your phone or your laptop] as I see on the television set. The trending topics were, #ghana, #obama, #obamaghana, #panafest, #capecoast. My twitter friends, kwabena, abocco, panafest, ameyaw112, BBCAfrica, kobinasucks, konkrumah and ghanablogger all helped in bring more traffics to our blogs.

I will create a document for people who want to know tips and ways to make Twitter fun and informative. If you want the info send me a private message at this
email and I'll be more than happy to send it thru.

Feel free to connect with me on Twitter.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Past Relationship; Effects and Harms

I have been up all night with a little headache. I just couldn't take it anymore. Had to shower and be ready for work as usual. So; I woke up this morning and a couple of things ran through my mind. Most importantly they all revolved around a past relationship I was involved in about two years ago. This was not one of my better relationships to date, but we will get into that in a minute. What troubles me the most was not actually the relationship itself, but the after effects which are still playing themselves out and it hurts so terribly.

As an almost 20-something-ish young and energetic man, I pride myself on being strong, handsome, confident, educated and economically independent. (I threw that in there for the sisters who would no doubt question it).

But because I am a Black man from my native sand town (Keta) and particularly attracted to women outside of my race; I find it extremely cool to find a mate who is on equal footing. So when I found one… I latched on for dear life! This one was someone from my own black race. She was attractive, beautiful, cute, confident, educated, cultured (maybe)….all the boxes were just ticking away. But then I got to know her.....!!!!

Lord help…… this lacked lacked so much personality and thinking I could help make it better was my worst idea, and if you ask me; she was secretly jealous of my vivacious character. She basically tried to shadow my spirit by convincing me that I wasn't competent in any category except handsome-ness, and even then she regularly commented on my fashion sense.

Straight out of a Mary song, this woman for all intents and purposes was choosing my clothes, my friends, how I spoke, what I ate, you name it. I was checked regularly and made to feel inadequate often.

When I obeyed, I was given an over abundance of love and affection only to be manipulated again into maintaining this twisted idea of what she considered to be an ideal mate. When I would finally get the nerve to leave, she would successfully convince me that everything was
my fault, and sadly her reasoning was so astute that I always found myself apologizing to her for the fails in our relationship. So as it is being described and can be a bit wordy let me put it in its blunt form…..I was abused.

So rightfully……I'm angry. But I am most angry with myself because like you I am thinking….. well how could this strong, confident man ever get caught up with a lady like that? Why didn't he just leave? It saddens me that I don't have any of the answers. Every fiber in my body told me that this was the wrong relationship for me to be in, yet I stayed. There is no archetype for the battered man.

The looks, the judgements, the comments, how I feel about myself, all bother me more than anything she could have done to me. The idea that my friends and family are sickened by the fact that I ever got into a relationship with her in the first place is something that weighs against my confidence often. But most don't realize that psychological damage is much greater than physical and far more everlasting.

So finally I'm on my path to forgive myself. I wait for the day when I can truly forgive ME for being in that relationship, because like my mother always says "Can't nobody do to you what you won't allow." Because even the most self assured, hard-hearted, strong man CAN be abused. So don't judge what you don't know.

Feel free and post your comments and feedbacks. Your comments actually inspires me to do more than this. I'm Proud to be a Ghanaian Blogger.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Do You Support Sex Before Marriage....???

Interestingly, before writing out this post today, I have done a lot of research and had conversation with a lot of my married and bachelor friends on "sex before marriage". Those friends of mine are both men and women between ages 18 to 30.

I asked each one of them one single question "Are you in favor of sex before marriage or pre-marital sex? The views they had given to me on this are really amazing. Every friend of mine has got a different view. Do you want to know what are their views after I had posted it on Facebook, on Monday, the 13th of July, 2009....???

My status reads; "How would you know, you're sexually attracted to your partner? And is sex before marriage the right decision?" Most of the responses that came were based on the "sex before marriage" issue.

Below are the comments passed by my friends on the status;

Safiya was so emotional about the status and therefore had this to say; "sometimes u wanna sample before u settle...but that doesn't mean you sleep with everyone you date" immediately, Tornam came in with; "When you go to Mechanical Lloyd to buy a car, you are given the option to test drive the BMW's before settling on one. Sex before marriage is important bro."

At this point, I realized some sense is been made but it wasn't until Enyonam, a very good friend of mine whom I used to work with at my former place had this also to say; ""I will not leave you as orphans, but I will ask the father and he will send you the Holy Spirit, He will lead you into all truth and teach you". "JESUS CHRIST...!!! Sex is not a BMW to be test driven..."

At that very moment, I just couldn't help it but just burst into uncontrolled laughter making my colleagues at my new workplace, looking at me in some fussy manner. I believe some would be wondering, “what in a h%^&@ is wrong with this lanky dude...?" hahahahah.. I just couldn't help it.

It wasn't long before Safiya came in reacting and attacking Enyonam with this; "How do you apply that scripture to sex and marriage?" Now, Enyonam have to proof his point clearly which made him come out again with; "the Holy Spirit is your GUIDE in EVERYTHING..."

I decided to give answers to everyone's post by just sampling a couple of my thoughts on each of their comments:

@ Tornam; I am really digging your point. Nice one made...!!

@ Enyonam; don't forget body no be firewood ooo [trans: the body is not a piece of firewood]. Lol

@ Safiya; please ask him again for me...

Enyonam couldn't help again, this time he had to quote the Bible to support his comment; "Quote Paul "but I beat my body and bring it into submission..." 1 Cor 9:27 (this is what we call SELF CONTROL - FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT)". At this point, I became a little spiritual so I decided to relax and see the counter comments as they come in...

Angelo said, "Yes, am a strong advocate for sex before marriage". Now, my dull self came back to life again. Whooooah, I got somebody to stir things again. I had this to say to him; "I'm with you brother. How on earth would you want me to buy a car or a dress without first testing/wearing it...?” How..???


My fellow blogger friend, Emmanuel who's the author of The Trials & Tribulations of a Freshly-Arrived Denizen...of Ghana , made a rather long comment. Here's what he had to say; "I wrote a long post, and it didn't come up, so let me make it brief: in theory, sex before marriage is wrong. In practice it's easier--and made so by the westernized culture where one night stands and "best friend with benefits" makes it easy to make a clear distinction between sex and love. In short, we've come to accept that having plenty sex is...

Read more; okay as long as you LOVE your chosen one. I think that's very dodgy for us guys who would love to "try" it with as many women as possible. Thing about trying though is that it might be the LAST time you try, considering STDs and whatnot! Even if STDs were not a problem, it's about choice between you and your partner to agree that "no sex till we get married" or if you're really sure, "occasional sex".

In my own experience, my first ex insisted no sex, so we only touched and kissed passionately.My second conceded to sex. There is no third ex, but my long-term girlfriend, who WILL be my wife. We agreed (though in my case reluctantly at first!)... [...continuing]...that since we've had some great and plenty sex, in order not to demean the beauty and importance of it in a structured relationship, let's refrain TILL we get married.

Now, here's someone I've been in a relationship with for some three and a half years; I am sure she's the one, but I cannot help but feel guilty as a Christian for not having waited for we got married at times...

This comment actually summarized everything I wanted hear and I even made him aware; "I'm really touched by his comment. It’s the best I've read since I started hearing from people on the subject... Nice one man but I still will go for sex before marriage...!!!

Eva; came in with what I was thinking of more like a personal attack on me from her. She commented; "Why won't you go for sex before marriage when nowadays we've put God's word aside and doing things our way? God have mercy on us."

I felt a rush in me to counter-comment after she fired that missile at me. I just started punching the keys on my keyboard as if I was attacked by hay-fever and was about to be rushed to the Pantang Hospital. I had this for her; " Eva; everybody's got his/her point of view. It’s a matter of expressing your view. When you want to follow the ways of God at times, it’s very hard but I believe all you can do is ENDURE.. But lemme ask you, how long can you endure...?? Would you tell me, you're a virgin at your age...?? Answer me plssss...!!!

At the mention of Endurance, Enyonam came in with this; "He who endures to the end, the same shall be saved' Matt 24:13 the end being MARRIAGE in this situation". Tornam couldn't help but had to let Enyonam know, "Massa I know a lady who decided to do this sex after marriage saga but when they got married she realized the guy is impotent. So if you don’t try how would you know? It would very painful for me to be a 26 year old virgin. Massa women sweet but make the right choice."

Enyonam wanted to show his Biblical prowess by quoting; "Mark 11:24 "what so ever you desire, when you pray, believing, you shall receive it." GOD IS STILL IN THE MIRACLE BUSINESS...

Audrey also commented saying; "Yeap. Lol" signaling her acceptance of the topic, "Sex before Marriage is RIGHT"...

Wasiu thought about the status as the most controversial and sent in this comment; "What a controversial question JD [Jordan], I think everybody has a reason to choose whatever option. Let’s don't forget that what the creator says is what will be used against man on the day of resurrection. That is not to say I obeyed.... May God forgive us all. I love the subject............[]

Well, well... All these said, I was thinking all was over until Ms. Safiya came in again with what I would say; the last judgment reading; " I don't think God is going to cast me into hell fire for having an intimate relationship with someone I love... We are spiritual being and need that intimacy. But then again, man created marriage as we know it today, biblical marriage was not the same thing soooooo...have the intimacy...but as I doesn't mean you're a whore yourself or have go have sex with everybody and everything.. hahahahaha.!

At this point, I just couldn't help but just close and think of another controversial topic for today. But let me ask you, what you think of the topic been discussed: "Is sex before marriage the right decision..??"

You can read more on such controversial and debatable issues by visiting Esi Cleland and Nana A. Darkoa Sekyiamah's blogs. We are all part of the Ghana Blogging Group making our voices heard globally.

Your comments, ideas, feedbacks are humbly welcomed.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Obama In Ghana - A View From Accra

The long awaited day has finally come. The Black and Bright Star of Africa now blossoms in the sky. From the moment, the Air Force 1 landed on the tarmac of the Kotoka International Airport, I knew and believed that, the black man is now free after several years of bondage.

At exactly, 21:15GMT, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama with their two children, Sasha and Malia came out of the doorway, descended down the stairs and was met on arrival by His Excellency Pro. John Evans Atta Mills, Vice President John Mahama and other top government officials.

Barack Obama is indeed the first black President of the United States of America. I believe by now, everyone is much aware of this fact. He’s an aspiration to Africans, thus our happiness. His visit to Ghana, the first country in Africa, south of the Sahara to win an independence from the colonial masters is a great tribute to freedom fighters all over the world.

God has already anointed Africa (GHANA) was the acronym I got from a Liberian refugee last week at the mall in the hopes of getting some small coins for tro-tro… Ghana is truly the gateway to Africa…!!

A walk down memory lane saw Ghana hosting three sitting American Presidents. 1965 was Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah hosting John F. Kennedy, 2000 saw Ex- President Jerry John Rawlings hosting Bill Clinton, the year 2008 saw Ex-President John Agyekum Kuffour also hosting George W. Bush and today, His Excellency Prof. John Evans Atta Mills hosting His Excellency, the President of the United States of America and his wife and children, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Sasha Obama and Malia Obama..

I sampled views from a cross-section of colleagues at my work place and the following was their questions. I asked, “If given the chance to ask Barack Obama one question, what would it be…??” Below are the questions……..

  1. What is his policy on domestic oil and when will America start producing its own oil and stop depending on the Middle East???
  2. What’s his actual purpose of coming to Ghana? Why Ghana and not his fathers native country, Kenya?
  3. Would he allow me to marry one of his daughters in future? (Shim asked this one!)
  4. Is his coming to Ghana, a mere visit or for America’s gain especially in out newly found oil?
  5. How does he want to end his political career as the 44th President of the United States
  6. What lessons in his life will he want to the Blacks (Africans) to pick as most youth look at him as their mentor?

Barack Obama’s coming to Ghana has really sparked a lot of arguments and heat, here and there. Kenyans are naturally disappointed. But if Obama had gone to Kenya, it would be interpreted as a homecoming rather than a strategic visit by a U.S president…!

I would be extremely happy and glad if the following questions raised are answered for me. All criticism, feedbacks and comments are dearly welcome. They actually inspires me to write more..!!

Enjoy reading. You can follow my blog by clicking on the ‘Follow Me” section or on

God bless Ghana! God Bless America!! God Bless!!!

I’m a Ghanaian Blogger….!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Are You A Ghanaian By Choice...???

Leaving home for work this morning, I was listening to a presenter of the Network Africa program on BBC. He touched on a poem, a listener from Khartoum wrote which really inspired me to write this piece.

My question is;


The place and circumstance of birth is not for babies to decide, but as grown-ups each one of us have the exclusive right to lay claim to where we truly belong. I wrote an article on "Who Do You Think You are?" and I guess, this is more like it but its in a different dimension.

Whether at home or broad, some of us will always obey the Ghanaian call and we will always hold her Red Gold and Green flag in high esteem.

It's not that we don’t have the chance to be or act otherwise, it's because we have faith enough to look beyond the present gloomy cloud to see the blue skies of brighter days long before the dawn of its first breaks.

Being Africans does not make us inferior and being Ghanaian does not make us dubious; We are Ghanaian because that is who we want to be.

Did you hear Queen Latifah say, talked about how important Ghana was in the life of the Late Pop Legend, Michael Joe Jackson...? The Memorial service of "Jacko" has placed Ghana again in the limelight.. Isn't that awesome? Aren't you happy to have a link with Ghana..??

Today in Tokyo, beneath the Eiffel Tower, in Ghana's Black Star Square.
In Johannesburg and Pittsburgh, in Birmingham, Alabama, and Birmingham, England. We are missing the King of Pop Music, Legendary Michael Jackson.

We've got strength like horses, beautiful flowers that blossom on our rich dark soils and the great River Volta that unite us across the Ghana;

With enough willingness, fate and dedication, we will always soar like eagles that protects the coat-of-arms of the nation and we will be able to hold our own in the committee of nations.

If you are faithful, loyal and honest; If you pledge to serve, represent and identify with the Ghanaian dream;

If you are a Ghanaian, not by chance or accident, but because that is who you really want to be,

Say "Aaay" and join this community of great people who are Ghanaian by Choice, together we will create a brighter future for our dear native land. I am proud to be a Ghanaian and a Ghanaian Blogger.

Your thoughts, feedback and comments are always welcome.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Why I prefer Zain to MTN

I found this interesting article about two modern GSM Services (Zain & MTN) in Ghana from David Ajao's blog, and I really want to share with you. Your comments are feedbacks are always welcome though...!!!

I listened to Philip Sowah, the Country Manager of Zain Communications Ghana Limited, being interviewed on Joy FM’s Super Morning show one morning in the last quarter of 2008. It was at the eve of Zain’s network launch in Ghana. One thing I remember clearly was him saying Zain Ghana has so much network capacity, they are scared in a positive way. I wondered to myself: What is he talking about? Why this much confidence? Is this a marketing gimmick? Zain eventually launched and I bought a Zain SIM card, just to experience Ghana’s first 3.5G network not that I was ready to ditch my MTN that had served me quite well for more than 5 years.

I recently bought a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic - a 3.5G high-capacity multimedia device from Alireta Mobile - and decided to give my Zain SIM a spin with the mind that should it serve me better, it would replace my MTN eventually. I have been blown away in the past few days and thus I feel compelled to document the positive difference I have experienced.

For well over a decade, MTN (hitherto known as Spacefon, then Areeba) has been the market leader in Ghana in terms of running the most sophisticated cellular network, and offering more useful value added services than its competitors. Not anymore. For the first time, MTN has a tougher competitor to contend with.

3.5G network coverage
MTN Ghana scrambled to unleash their 3.5G network on the Ghanaian airwaves after Zain’s loud entry into the telecom market. Zain’s 3.5G network has a wider coverage than that of MTN, in Accra. I have tested the two from Tete Quarshie interchange to McCarthy hill. From McCarthy hill to Osu. Zain even went a step further to publish their 3.5G network coverage on their website and the publication reveals that 3.5G is available in much of Accra and parts of Kumasi (Ghana’s 2nd commercial hub). Whilst at work, I make sure my phone is permanently on 3G network mode so I can experience the superior call quality and make/receive video calls on Zain. Neither of them has a perfect 3.5G coverage but Zain is ahead, from my checks.

Mobile Internet ‘Activation Fee’
Unlike MTN, Zain does not ask for a 5 Ghana Cedi “activation fee” for internet connectivity to be enabled on one’s SIM. Slot your Zain SIM into a capable GPRS/EDGE/3G/3.5G phone and the settings come tumbling in within minutes. Zain even sends you an MMS welcoming you to “A Wonderful World”.

Call cost summary
I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I get the total cost of a call I make, after the call is over. A message displays on my phone informing me of the amount deducted from my account for that call and the account balance I have left. Now, that is transperancy at its best. There is nothing like that on MTN.

I can update my Twitter account via SMS using Zain. MTN could not deliver SMS to the UK mobile number used by Zain delivered to the same number, in 2 seconds.

I do not have to retry sending SMS multiple times and pray it goes through each time, on Zain. On the other hand, the little tricks I used on MTN are even begining to fail as I have a hard time sending international SMS from MTN.

Still on SMS, Zain has a neat online service called Zain Web2SMS. I can compose and send SMS from Zain’s website with the added convenience of typing on a computer keyboard. It is faster and better for me. Zain bills my prepaid account for each SMS sent. What is more exciting? Zain offers 5 free Zain to Zain SMS daily. MTN hardly ever gives anything for free. Hardly.. Hardly..!!

Zain’s MMS really works. I can zap photos and audio to loved ones’ phones or email accounts. MTN’s MMS has been epileptic for months now.

Missed call notification
Whenever my phone is switched off or out of cellular coverage area, I receive SMS notification from Zain when my phone is back online, informing me of the missed calls. I know MTN has been offering the same service for several years but I could not access it because they restricted it to post-paid subscribers only. I had been attracted to MTN’s post-paid offering for so long but I stayed away because of the $1,500 security deposit they required for international roaming. I am fine with prepaid roaming - thank you very much. I would rather leave my money in a fixed deposit account than hand it to MTN if I have no use for it.

Talking about roaming, MTN quickly launched their “Seamless Roaming” service some weeks before Zain launched in Ghana. MTN’s Seamless Roaming is a very similar concept to Zain’s One Network. They both allow local subscribers to access the network of other subsidiaries, outside the home network. Example: Zain subscribers in Kenya can roam into the Zain networks in Tanzania, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Niger without hassles. Traveling subscribers can receive calls/SMS for free, and make calls at the same rate subscribers on the host network pay. MTN’s Seamless Roaming currently works in Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin Republic and Ghana.

Call Divert
You have no idea how useful this service is to me. I can divert calls, all my calls unconditionally, or if I am busy, or if I do not answer the calls within a stipulated number of seconds, or if I am out of network coverage area. These settings come with even the most basic GSM phone but MTN has restricted its prepaid subscribers to “Call divert - if out of reach” only and even that can only be diverted to their default Voicemail number only. On Zain, there is no single restriction and so I can divert my calls as I deem fit!

Zain Phone number Pre-registration
I was able to search for and book a phone number of my choice, even before the commercial launch. MTN doesn’t offer that convenience.

Over all, I am enjoying the Zain experience so far.

What about you? What has been your experience with Zain in Ghana? Share your thoughts by leaving your comments now.

Announcing BarCamp Diaspora '09.

Hi friends here’s information about a really awesome camp you can attend if you have sometime this summer:-)

On December 22, 2008, 100 plus young Ghanaians met in Accra to exchange ideas on entrepreneurship, innovation and development for a rising Ghana during BarCampGhana '08 with theme: ‘Fueling Ghana’s Technology and Business Renaissance’..

On July 25, 2009 the conversation moves again to Washington, D.C and later to Kumasi and Accra at the latter part of the year for BarCamp Kumasi and BarCamp Accra '09.

You can be part of that conversation by joining my fellow friends at BarCamp Diaspora '09 at the School of Advanced International Studies - Johns Hopkins University.

The theme for BarCamp Diaspora '09 is "Investing our talent where it counts".

BarCamp Diaspora '09 will be an ad-hoc gathering and a day of discussions, demos, dialogue, panels and speakers. Unlike a conference, at a barcamp everyone is both a speaker and a participant. The content is provided by all attendees based on their interests.

BarCamp Diaspora '09 will be the first such event in the United States, focused on bringing together the African diaspora to exchange ideas on doing business in Ghana, West Africa.

Who should attend? Anyone who is interested in using skills, talent, resources to benefit Ghana and the Diaspora. Register today at the BarCamp Diaspora website at a cost of $20.

Spread the word about BarCamp Diaspora '09 by grabbing badges. Support and donate to us to keep the participation costs low and for sponsorship opportunities, contact us