Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quotes By Dr. Kwame Nkrumah

A couple of Quotes by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah (27 April 1972 - 21 September 1909), who was an influential 20th century advocate of Pan-Africanism, and the leader of Ghana and its predecessor state, the Gold Coast, from 1952 to 1966…

Below are a couple of quotes I came across in remembrance of him during Ghana’s celebration of the Founders’ Day.

“Revolutions are brought about by men, by men who think as men of action and act as men of thought.”

“We face neither East nor West; we face forward”

“It is far better to be free to govern or misgovern yourself than to be governed by anybody else”

“The best way of learning to be an independent sovereign state is to be an independent sovereign state.”

“It is far easier for the proverbial camel to pass through the needle's eye, hump and all, than for an erstwhile colonial administration to give sound and honest counsel of a political nature to its liberated territory.”

“Freedom is not something that one people can bestow on another as a gift. Thy claim it as their own and none can keep it from them.”

“We prefer self-government with danger to servitude in tranquility.”

Africa is a paradox which illustrates and highlights neo-colonialism. Her earth is rich, yet the products that come from above and below the soil continue to enrich, not Africans predominantly, but groups and individuals who operate to Africa’s impoverishment.”

“Its concern was based on the fact that such disputes continued to retard development and progress, resulting in increased poverty among the people.”

"...I have often said, the party and the nation are one and the same, namely: the Convention People's Party is Ghana and is Ghana the Convention People's Party."

"Countrymen, the task ahead is great indeed, and heavy is the responsibility; and yet it is a noble and glorious challenge - a challenge which calls for the courage to dream, the courage to believe, the courage to dare, the courage to do, the courage to envision, the courage to fight, the courage to work, the courage to achieve - to achieve the highest excellencies and the fullest greatness of man. Dare we ask for more in life? "

"What other countries have taken three hundred years or more to achieve, a once dependent territory must try to accomplish in a generation if it is to survive. Unless it is, as it were jet propelled it will lag behind and thus risk everything for which it has fought."

"We have the blessing of the wealth of our vast resources, the power of our talents and the potentialities of our people. Let us grasp now the opportunities before us and meet the challenge to our survival."

"It is said that, of course that we have no capital, no industrial skill, no communications, no internal markets, and that we cannot even agree among ourselves how best to utilize our resources for our own social needs”

"The masses of the people of Africa are crying for unity…"

"In the era of neocolonialism, under-development is still attributed not to exploitation but to inferiority, and racial undertones remain closely interwoven with the class struggle."

"Common Continental Planning for the Industrial and Agricultural Development of Africa is a vital necessity."

"It is only the ending of capitalism, colonialism, imperialism and neocolonialism and the attainment of world communism that can provide the conditions under which the RACE question can finally be abolished and eliminated."

If you have more quotes by this great man mostly referred to by many as the "Greatest Ghanaian/African" or "Adolf Hitler of Ghana" for many reasons, feel free and share it here:

Long Live Kwame Nkrumah...! Long Live Ghana...!! Long Live Africa...!!!


Sam Kessie said...

For me... reading about this guy, he had good intentions and well just wanted the best and so showed a bit of tough love. No one likes tough love... but boy, you and I know we sure as F need it ;)

Kwamena Appiah-Kubi said...

The guy did stuff heads after him have not been able to match, he was BBC's African of the century, anyone who wants to condemn him should first find out the good he did, it will surprise u that few know of his good works (except that he built tema motorway), he aint no hitler, he is the ghana's Greatest

Justin Soglo said...

Am impressed by ur flashback!! Nice post.

mademoiselle_nadia said...


- @nadia_alexis

Edward of PathGhana said...

I love the "WE FACE NEITHER EAST NOR WEST" quote. It was a very strong stand he took by saying that

Anonymous said...

Countrymen, the task ahead is great indeed, and heavy is the responsibility..... This quote is very inspiring BLACK people wake up before it is too late. You are neither European nor WHITE nor will you be EVER be seen as such, so UNITY. East, west, south. the future of Africa is in our hand. Nkrumah had a vision and since then no African leader has made the effort to develop his ideas. Africa must unite every thing that we see in against the unity. From the beginning of time they have acted only to separate the African, firstly by the division of territory and then by the means of so called civil war. Does no body realise that we are killing each other for western gain. And all they do is deny that these things are happening, only to ensure the steady flow of resource. A united Africa will mean Africa will be taken seriously, it means Africa can call the shots; it means Africa can develop, and educate. it also means that the African will become CONFIDENT, the African is yet to realise that we have been blessed, and..... that it is not too late... history CAN and WILL be re - written all we need are focused leader working toward the good of AFRICA as a whole.