Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Take On Bodybuidling in Ghana

Bodybuilding is fast growing in Ghana. All through history, you'll find that many cultures were practicing some form of weight training. Weight training was considered an athletic activity and was a way to improve one's strength and gain power. This particular celebration of the human body can even be seen in ancient art and statues from the Roman and Greek Periods.

I asked a friend who usually works-out a lot the other day about what really influenced him into working-out. This was his answer; “Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of his inspirations for getting involved in bodybuilding and wanting to build muscle. This is largely due to the influence his movies had on him especially the likes of predator which he would class as his all time favorite.”

These days, it is very common to find young guys working out to either develop their muscles, [get arms] be in good shape for their counterparts and occasionally for just showing off. I have tried working out but trust me; it’s not been easy at all. For me, I can only do 10 push ups. More than that, I would find myself in the nearest L’hopital… It demands a great of deal time, energy, dedication, commitment and above all respect for one’s body.

Men's arms have been known to be symbols of virility. It is a well-known fact that every time a woman encounters members of the opposite sex, she always manages to give a longer than usual glance at the arms. Those that are not covered with sleeves can certainly catch her attention and can be subjected to her feminine discriminating tastes. For one who has large and muscled arms, the mere sight of it will already bring out sighs of approval from many Ghanaian women I know. The sight of strong arms can make a woman swoon or fantasize about being literally swept off her feet. [don’t tell me, I’m kiddin’ here].

A couple years back, many bodybuilding fans in Ghana thought the interest of the body-building had gone down due to the absent of any competitive competitions for the bodybuilders to compete in. The sport went off the sporting scene in Ghana for about 3 years, after the 2000 Mr. Ghana Bodybuilding Championship. My lady friends, have you asked yourself what young men [macho men] of today go through to be able to build that body you so much fantasize about all the time? Do you know how those six-packs about? Wait for my answer…

Looking at the picture up there, you might have come across this bench and metal somewhere in your neighborhood whiles growing up. Every young man who’ve by some means of wanting to develop his muscles and look good, is sure to have gone under those metals, done the push-ups and all. It’s been an easy task though.

What baffles me most of the time is; after spending so much time under those benches, doing the push ups and finally developing some form of muscles; they end up drinking alcohol which does the body no good than harm. [I’m not saying alcohol is bad to the body but to the bodybuilder, it wouldn’t do him/her any good]…

Funny enough, most bodybuilders I know in Ghana are nite-club bouncers. I don’t know if it’s a full or part time job for them but most I’ve come across happen to be bouncers in majority of nite-clubs in Accra. From Aphrodisiac Nite Club through to Rhapsody’s to Tantra Nite Club, you’ll see these macho men bouncing people at the clubs because they possess the body to do such works. Are they really meant for that?

There’s good news in the air though…. This year’s national bodybuilding competition dubbed “Man Ghana” will be held on October 24t, 2009 at the National Theatre in Accra. Selection of contestants comes off on October 4t, 2009. If you have a bodybuilder friend, inform him/her to participate…!!! Meet Michael Bossman Kwame, a bodybuilder from Accra and what he has to say....

Have you tried building your body? Where you able to achieve your dream? How many push ups can you do? Do you care sharing your experience? I want to read more from you…!!! Share your comments and views...!!!


Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Hi, a good discussion you bring out here. We tend to focus only one women and their looks, but as you write men also go though a lot to look their best.

But just as not all men like big boobs, not all women are attracted to big arms, so you long-sleeved guys, don't worry too much :-).

Mac-Jordan Holdbrookes said...

@ Kajsa; thanks for the comment. Hope, I get some wink someday because I don't have big arms... :))

K said...

hey...interesting piece here. this might interest you.
check it out!