Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Heart Nasir Jones....!!!

I have been a great and a loyal fan of Nas. I can boastfully boast of almost all collections of him. Born Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones but known by all as “Nasir Jones”, “Nastradamus”, "God's Son"...

The son of jazz musician Olu Dara, he was born and raised in the Queensbridge housing projects in New York City. Although he dropped out of middle school, he managed to attain a high degree of literacy which is prominent in his lyrics.

One of my favorite videos of this great son of the motherland is “
Quick To Back Down by Brave Hearts featuring Nas & Lil’ Jon”.

Monday 13th September, 2009 marked another milestone in the life of this great artist. He became 36years old. Happy Birthday Nasir Jones. May you live to achieve all that, you've ever dreamed of.

To say you’ve inspired me would be an understatement. To say you’re imperative to hip hop wouldn’t be doing your talent justice. To say you’re a lyrical genius just might not be enough.

Information reaching my email indicates Nas and Damian “Jr Gong” are coming out with an album entitled “Distance Relatives”. I’m keeping my fingers crossed; can’t wait for it either.

Lyrics from the Video; “Quick to back Down”….

First of all this is Nas I'm a Braveheart veteran
and y'all already know who I'm better than
Y’all know the beef in the hood it'll never end
Never hit the club unless I get's my berretta in
The letter N, short for Nasir


Samuel Smitth Du-Bois said...

Nice post on my man, "Nastradamus". Didn't know it was his birthday. Thanks for the info.

Seyram Awoonor said...

Escoba-Cee has return. Happy Birthday man.