Thursday, October 8, 2009

What Is Your Favorite Type Of Beer…

What is your favorite type of beer? Are you a fan of any alcoholic beverage? When was the last time you had a chilled beer? Would you take cold or hot beer? Do you care to share your experience in drinking Star?

These were questions that started running though my minds when I saw a chilled Star Beer been served to a customer at the All New Champs Sports Bar which was opened in the Oil City of Takoradi last week. A lot of party-goers including myself were at the venue to witness its grand opening despite its not fully in operation. This shows how my folks in Takoradi take pleasure in chilling and hanging out.

Have you taken any type of beer apart from Star & Club Beer from Ghana? African beer refers to all beers made in Africa. Beer, especially lager, is produced commercially in most African countries, and varieties of beer are also made by indigenous tribes. I have tasted "Tusker", a type of beer produced in Kenya which is also known as 'Keroro' beer.

There are a few beers on the Ghanaian market but the most common are Star Beer, Guinness, Guilder and Club Beer. Most nite clubs do serve a couple of foreign beers as well. Among them are; Heineken, Stella Artois, Becks and the rest.

My favorite of all these beers is the STAR Beer brewed/produced in Ghana. A friend [Shim] describes my taking of Star Beer to be a way of "freeing" my mind. Well, I do and don't agree to a point. If you have any story or comment to share on Star Beer; why not? Bring it on. Others would be very glad reading about it.

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