Friday, October 2, 2009


I am not one to normally make groups even though I have joined a few groups on Facebook, but what has happened in the case of Ghana’s Eric Frimpong is completely ridiculous and a total failure on the part of the justice system and the police officers, lawyers, and judges in Santa Barbara, USA.

Eric Frimpong is a young soccer player from Ghana, a star at University of California in Santa Barbara, who just won a championship for his school. According to his friends he has never been violent and has always been a fantastic person. He even has a girlfriend.

Yet on February 17th, 2007 he reportedly raped a girl, known only as Jane Doe. Jane Doe was blackout drunk, does not remember much of the night as she was drinking heavily, and described her attacker as having white eyes and big lips. Despite not remembering nearly anything about the night, she maintains that Eric raped her on a beach.

No DNA evidence supports her story. No semen or DNA of Eric’s was found on Jane Doe [The name "Jane Doe" is been used as a placeholder name for the female party in this case because her true identity is unknown or must be withheld for legal reason]. The only semen found on her was that of her sexual partner’s, a white male. The only evidence that they had contact at all was that some of her DNA was found on his crotch which, as Eric describes, come from when she grabbed his crotch and attempted to kiss him.

This is clearly about race and sex. Eric Frimpong is a black male; Jane Doe is a white female. There was no evidence that corroborated Jane Doe’s story and yet Frimpong was sentenced to six years in jail. Read the article, make your decision, but please spread the word about this. It is simply unacceptable.

Here is the link to the story.

Also, for youtubers, a link to a video talking about the story.

Many of you have asked how to contact Eric so here are the two main ways we can contact him.
-Send him a handwritten or typed letter (probably more meaningful than an email) to this address

Eric Frimpong #F95488. California Correctional Institution. Level 2, Dorm 8, Lower 38. PO Box 608; Tehachapi, CA 93581. USA

-Or send an email to Eric:

These messages get printed in about 1-2 weeks and delivered to him. Either of these ways to contact Eric is helpful. Help him keep his spirits up by showing your support! For the price of a few postage stamps you can give him something that is priceless, HOPE.

Please send donations! Eric Frimpong needs your help! July 2009 projected financial needs $25,000. Funds to date ($5,125 as of July 10, 2009). Email ERIC and they will tell you how to donate via Paypal.


Sandra Welsh said...

After reading the full details of this tragedy which has placed you behind bars, I have full faith in your innocence. Never give up hope. The facts in this case prove that you did nothing to this girl. I am spreading the word down in Florida and I heard your story from Scotland. The world knows the injustice done to you. You and I will never know why your path has taken you behind bars, but I am glad that your faith has never wavered. You will be vindicated. Keep the faith and know how very many people support you. The evidence shows you are innocent. We are sorry the system failed you, but we will do everything we can so that it does not happen again. Bless you and keep you safe.

Seth Fianko-Larbi said...

Savio! Take consolation in the Lord. I have always dreamt of you becoming a intellegentsia star in our generation and I KNOW THAT IT WOULD SURELY COME TO PASS. Remeber you will come from PRISON to PRIME focus like Joseph. Savio, I love you dearly. God is with you.

Anonymous said...

Eric i just want you to know anytime i read your story tears run down my face, also i want to assure you that you are not alone i'm quite sure every ghanaian is in this with you,May the good Lord protect you and every plan he has for you will surely comes true.they saw that talent in you and they wants to bring it down, but let me assure you what ever God has given to you nobody can take it away.even let them keep you there forever, look at joseph in the will be out and the wolrd will witness your sucess.

Mac-Jordan - AccraConscious said...

@ Ayeley: It is for the same reason why I decided to blog about this. We are praying for his release soon. God been so good, he shall surely be out and proof his innocence to the world. Don't forget this quote; "No Condition is permanent"...!!! Thanks for passing by and sharing your heartfelt with us..!!!