Sunday, October 11, 2009


I wouldn’t describe myself as been very religious but I worship and believe in God, I believe in Jesus Christ, I go to church when I’m less busy on Sundays. I worship at the Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry [CEM] but sometimes, I do worships also at the Action Faith Chapel International [Action]. So basically, I fall within a particular scoop of the Christian world. Maybe, [not-so-religious] group.

I know Christians to be very loving, open-hearted, kind, caring and all other positive attributes but one thing that always baffles my mind is this attitude of some of them.

We all know, not everyone can afford driving a car to church. Most people do commute to church in public transports [tro-tros and taxies]. Some well-to-do Christians also drive to church constantly...

My issue is; “Why can’t some Christians offer to drop their fellow Christians whom they attended the same church service with at some point? You’ll see some Christians come to church alone, got space in their cars and would drive away immediately without offering a free ride to others. It baffles me a lot.

Are these people really Christians? One would ask; “Do you buy the fuel for their cars?” Well, I don’t but in the spirit of Christianity, I think it’s very nice and pleasant when this offer is done.

Well, I found this notice [DON'T DRIVE HOME ALONE!!! PICK UP SOMEONE!!!] on a car which I’ll presume came not loaded and apparently the security men at the car park had to stick the notice to the wiper. I saw a couple of the notice on so many other cars which means, the church is trying to encourage others lending helping hands to their fellow Christians.

If you think, this move by the church is wrong or you don’t agree, feel free and share your thoughts here. Would you encourage such a practice in your local church? What does your church do that you think should be implemented in other churches?


Mike said...

I'd question the pastors in that church. Who is doing the teaching? The security men or the pastors? If that message is important, it should be preached from the pulpit.
Seems to me the pastors want nothing to do with it.

MIghTy African said...

Love this!

I always loved having to see friends and known faces pick me and give me rides when I was walking somewhere around Tech campus growing up.

In fact, even to this day, especially when I am in Accra, I am looking out for people I know to give me rides somewhere. Yes, wishing didn't hurt anybody.

This shouldn't apply to Christians only and yeah, people, pick up someone. :-) Even fine girls :-) If they say no, you can go on your way ;-)

Mac-Jordan Holdbrookes said...

@ MIghTy African: I do agree with you perfectly. Honestly speaking, whenever I'm in a cab/taxi going to work and upon reaching the main junction to my place and seeing people there either waiting for a tro-tro or taxi, I normally ask the driver to stop and pick up somebody. I do this all the time and it would surprise you to know, whenever I'm also in that same situation, nobody cares giving a ride/lift. Isn't it amazing...??

I'm not stopping on my sharing of ride but it would be good if we all cultivate the habit of offering free rides. It shouldn't be to only ladies but guys as well.

Most men in Accra and other parts of Ghana would only offer ride to only beautiful ladies walking/standing by the roadside. That to me, is not FAIR.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

I think it is fair enough to make the suggestion subtly and civilly to people. To stick it on their windscreens (= in the faces) is absolute BS. People have the right to decide to give or not to give lifts. Either choice does not make them better or worse persons.

Sankofa said...

I really hope more people implement this. If you can give a ride to somebody along the way, why wouldn't you. I hope it's encouraged more often.

Mac-Jordan - AccraConscious said...

@ Sankofa; I just hope so too. Sharing a cab/ride isn't as bad as people do take it.