Friday, August 21, 2009

TGIF - I'm in love

I'm a Tuesday born but trust me, I love Fridays. Fridays are mostly for releasing the stress that came from Monday till Thursday-ish. Its the day of the week which makes me work so briskly, fast and in such a manner, I wouldn't do on any other day b'cos I have a lot planned.

Making calls starts from about 16:45GMT to find out, where the latest hang-out going to be. After all is settled, my back sees the office door at exactly 17:00GMT.

Would either meet-up with my geeky-nerdy friend, Bobby Esco who's most of th time wanting to hang-out to avoid the traffic on his way home. Trust me, dude; kinda lives very far. damn.. !!

On a normal FREAKY-FRIDAY, it surely should end at either Rhapsodys of Realities @ the Accra Mall or Aphrodisiac Nite Club.. Don't really know how today's gonna be like though. Leaving all in God's hand. Long Live Freak Friday... Long Live Me.. :))

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