Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hudin Write About BusyInternet & Internet Research...

Before Miquel Hudin, co-founder of Maneno departed from Ghana on Tuesday back to Spain and on-ward to his home in San Fransisco, we spent the whole afternoon at the office of Internet Research @ BusyInternet in Accra.

Whiles here, Miquel wrote about Internet Connectivity in Ghana, Bandwidth, Taxis in Accra, BusyInternet Services and Internet Research.

And Miquel wrote..... |Like most things encountered by unsuspecting foreigners in Ghana, the high quality offerings at Busy Internet in Accra are quite impressive. It sits on the main Ring Road just a bit east of Kwame Nkrumah Circle. This is a large, modern building with every service imaginable for those who choose the geeky path in life to those who just need to check their email. Even nefarious taxi drivers know where this place is. |

You can read more here....

In The Photo: Charles Amega-Selorm, Myself and Worlali Senyo of Internet Research.
Miquel Hudin Balsa


Edward: said...

Hey MJ, its great u threw more light on Busy. Dont forget to tell them how great the Budy Air Liquide Bar is!!!! lol.

Mac-Jordan Holdbrookes said...

Edward... Thanks for your comment but at the moment, Busy's Liquide Bar is no more. I guess, the management folded-up. New people might end up running the place soon though..

Anonymous said...

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