Thursday, August 6, 2009

How On Earth Did Swine-Flu Come To Ghana?

It’s a Thursday-ish morning and upon waking my sleepy self from my bed, I decided to do a few things before going to work. Trust me, I just decided to be late for work this morning, I didn’t know why; but I felt I should just be late. You know, the type of feeling you get; when you just want to do something for just no reason. Well, that’s the same I got..

Normally, my phone’s alarm is clocked at 0530GMT; but at times, I do ignore its crazy-buzzing tones and sleep more... “Massa, man don taya.” [trans: Master, man is tired]… This should be common amongst most working-class youths in Ghana.

I just wanted to be late, so I intentionally switched the television on, at exactly 0545GMT and started flickering through the channels until I got to BBC. Normally, I would go to ESPN first, catch up with the latest in the sporting world, listen and watch Sport Center a bit before moving away to the News networks. I didn’t see anything interesting much, so I turned it off.

Just as I turned on the radio, I heard something like; BREAKING NEWS:- Ghana Record First Swine Flu Incident. There and then, I asked myself; Ghana has done what..?? OMG, not Ghana. Why Ghana?

The most annoying part about this news was the fact that, it was discovered in the Oil city (Sekondi-Takoradi). Why should it be in Sekondi-Takoradi…?? How I love Takoradi, no-one knows about that at all. Now, I am very scared; but it’s just a little. Moving to Takoradi, I am going to defy all odds and still go despite “Pork-Kplotoo-Ehaa-Prekoo-Swine” flu has been discovered. Why should this happen when I wanted to move and go settle in Takoradi? Is it my destiny or what? “w3i nkwa di3, m3 hwehwem” [tr: as for this one, I have to look deep into it].

I became an ardent fan of the ever popular “porkshow” not long ago, now a swine-flu menace is going to limit my intake on that. How I used to be at Auntie Adjokor’s joint for “porkshow” and hot kenkey every friday nite will reduce. My radio journalist friend, Cyrus De-graft Johnson of Joy FM would be very sick at this news; so is Auntie Adjokor’s stock of pork which will send her sales down to ZERO… Mz Naa of Yfm will screaaaam, "No sizeee" at this news.. Get well soon, Naa Adjorkor.. :)

I am waiting for the type action; the government is going to take on this new development. Swine-flu go away, Ghanaians want to eat porkshow… Go, Go, Go away…!!!


Maxine said...

The swine flu doesn't relly have anything to do with pork! So go ahead and eat it! Oh you might want to edit your caption... you "came" instead of "come".

Mac-Jordan Holdbrookes said...

@ Maxine, thanks a lot for the correction. Shall proof-read my articles before posting. Adios :)

Maxine said...

obviously, i didn't proof read my comment either!

Faf said...

@ Maxine, I believe it's called Muphry's Law:

Mac-Jordan Holdbrookes said...

First time hearing about Muphry's Law. I'm glad, I got schooled. Thanks people.. :)

selorm said...

Where does the danger lies.... the flu or the vaccine?