Monday, March 30, 2009

My Sleek Nokia E71

The evolution for change finally happened in my own small world sometimes last week. I got delivery off the new Nokia E71. Previously, I had the Nokia 1110i which I called the "green-tooth" and the iPhone 3G  and trust me, it didn't last more 3 weeks in my hands. Its not what you are thinking, I wasn't "kwashed" [tr: forcibly attacking and robbing you of all your possessions]. Before I could say jack, I got a buyer who needed it urgently. I had to let my 3G go just like that..

I have let go of my "green-tooth" yet though. With the type of poor gsm services from the most subscribed provider, MTN, I would still need it around though. I just love textin' on the green-tooth.. 

Now back to E71. Would you believe, I spent almost the whole day just reading about it, what applications to install, a few tricks and tips and more? Trust me my dear reader, I don't sleep these days ooo and the coming of this sleek-cute-small phone has worsen my almost complicated situation with sleep. I've got all your photos downloaded on it already. I don't wanna miss y'all at all. 

Well, I'm hoping to start some sort of a therapy on sleep soon, though.  My nocturnal life is becoming a great bother to me but I just can't help myself. Would you offer any advice? I shall be more than grateful.. 

With the Nokia E71, you have to hold it to feel how small it is. It has a very solid feel to it. Its got it all; US 3.5G, GPS, Bluetooth, Infra-Red, QWERTY Keyboard format, and its smaller than the  iPhone.

Typing on the keyboard is great but I know, them ladies with long nails might end up finding this sleek gadget not cool at all but I know, what I am talking about. I have already setup my gmail account, exchange account  and all my contacts are in place. I haven't loose you yet, I've still got your emails on the GO.. 

The E71 already came with the following applications installed: Adobe PDF viewer, File manager, Unit Converter, Java VM, Flash Lite 3.0, Podcasting, FM radio, Camera, Voice Recorder, Gallery, Ovi/Flickr,Vox support, Nokia Maps, GPS utility, Zip manager, Music Player and Application Downloader.

I have a couple of applications running currently. I've got the KJNV Bible, eBuddy, Facebook Mobile, Handago, Call Recorder (for unknown numbers), Resco Bubbles, ShoZu (for uploading photos and mobile bloggin').

I am yet to install the "Amaze GPS" because I've heard, Accra is on it. Let me do that and shall keep y'all updated. If you've got a new gadget and want to share more about it, just feel and lets us know! 

Me for now, I shall be looking for such articles from you.. 

Oya, I don go now..


Oluniyi David Ajao said...

The Nokia E71 is really a good phone. I have been using it for a few months now and I am loving it.

The pale observer said...

Hi fellow member of the ghanablogging group! I have to say, I now have this phone, alongside my iphone and the truth is NOTHING compares to an iphone. Just nothing.

Mac-Jordan Holdbrookes said...

@ The Pale Observer -: I have used the iPhone before but I find the E71 very sleek, durable and easy to use. Morever, typing on the E71 is very easy and cool than the punch method of the iPhone.