Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tilapia Party [31032009107]

On Wednesday, I happened to chanced on a small party-cum-drink down of a friends roomie on the campus of the University of Ghana. I guess, the right location was Mensah Sarbah Hall Annex A.

As a matter of fact, I wasn't invited or let me say, I wasn't known to be coming around that day. I just thought of passing through and Lo and Behold, there's a is loud music on the floor, drinks been served and girls in party attires everywhere.. Well, when I talk about girls, I don't mean the type that you'll find at most parties in GH these days.

These are well-wishers, gossips and rumour mongers who were there for various reasons ranging from, "how does her cake looks like", "What food will she serve", "Which people would attend" and lastly, "would there be anything special about her b'day"?

I have been to a couple of parties-cum-drink ups [downs] but this one was briefly nice and easy going except for one old looking girl, who by virtue of age, fell out of place. She's the type, we would call, "Opanyin Toto" [tr: an elder who has relinquished his/her status and would roll with his/her lesser peers/mates]. Just because she wasn't looking beautiful, she decided to have an issue with me for been an un-wanted paparazzi that nite.

At most drink-ups[downs], rice in different forms are served but at this one, it was Banku and grilled tilapia. Man, its not just anything tilapia ooo, its the very big ones with enough flesh. The picture above says it all.

It was not a well attended event but it did creat a lasting impression on the mind of the "party-gbee's" [tr: party freaks]. Happy Belated B'day to Cisca....!

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danielle said...

Mac, your funny LOL. Y you dissing the old lady? On another note, why do Ghanaians love Tilapia so much?

Mac-Jordan Holdbrookes said...

The love for Tilapia by Ghanaians can be seen in their desire for it nowadays. Its because, its very expensive and moreover, the taste is rather awesome when eaten with red hot pepper and banku. When was the last time you had it?