Monday, March 16, 2009

Central University Introduces Dress Code

Just recently, the authorities of the Central University College (CUC) have introduced a dress code for the students.  Clothes and hairstyles of the ladies, under the code, are to emphasise their unique and sacred identity.  According to the code, dresses that expose the breast, upper thighs, loins and panties are regarded as indecent.

"By these, we mean transparent, sheer or tight-fitting blouses, sweaters and sleeveless tops (spaghetti strap), while T-shirts are not permitted," the code indicates, adding that short blouses and dresses with low neck lines are also not permitted.  The students are not allowed to wear shorts and tight-fitting slacks, because they are considered inappropriate for lectures, while skirts and trousers with stylish cuts are also disallowed.

They are also not allowed to wear anklets, while wearing of more than one pair of earrings is prohibited, just as it is an offence to wear T-shirts with offensive inscriptions.  The men are required to wear trousers and shirts with collar and tie or decent African wear, and it is also not acceptable for them to wear sleeveless T-shirts. The men can only wear shorts for sporting and recreational activities and they cannot wear earrings, nor can they braid their hair.

I think this is the ridiculous code of it kind I have ever seen. I dont believe a university which centers on training professionals for the morden world should have such imposition on the the democratic minded individuals of the institution. If a lecturer should say because of the way you are dressed I can't teach you, then I believe that lecturer should be dismissed for being a potential threat to the students. 

I believe the authorities should rethink their decision, because it's a bit out of time. Shame on those tie wearing authorities who think all young people should dress like them. Even Central University of Baghdad does not have such impositions on their students. The fact that, Central University is a private institution does not mean, they can imposed these laws on the students just like that.

 As a matter of fact, I haven't seen much nude dressings on the campus of Central University than on Legon Campus. When you happen to find yourself on the campus of the premier university [University of Ghana], you would be shocked to see the type of attires students wear for lectures. Its just too unbearable but that is not the case at Central University. Also, I don't really blame anyone for now, I rather blame the very students this law is about to affect. 

When this so-called dress code was passed, they never opposed it immediately but rather, sat for almost weeks before realizing how they are going to be affected. Dear reader, if you will agree with me, there is a saying in akan which goes this way; "the one who climbs a good tree deserves a push." I feel, if they [students] had spoken on this issue right from day one, this would be a big problem. 

My question is; what if I can't afford those shirts with collars and ties? How am I suppose to attend lectures if I only have t-shirts? The authorities needs to review these dress code of kind and make the universal environment to be free and  neutral instead of these restrictions on dressing.


Dzifa Hiatsi said...

U serious, higher school of learning where freedom, maturity, independence, magination, and free thinking reside; and they want to do what.....impose their will just like the so called colonial masters did?...Tagbor flu nawo vie

Tetteh Leslie said...

dzifah de skul authority gave them all u mentioned but the students failed in maturity by dressing as if they were nude.
its a good practice and i commend that.

Marcus Bruce-rockson said...


Emmanul Anfako said...

the first time i've ever heard of this in my life..... what a load of b/s.... even the polytechnics have done away with wearing uniforms like 15years ago.... how would they feel if someone had told the authorities back in their day, not to wear afros with combs in their hair looking like africa bambata............................ i tell you what, i could say a few not so nice words if i should go on. b/s b/s b/ of those rich kids should take the uni to court!

Shirley Ewurama Ferguson said...

Don't forget we are talking about a missionary school.I believe its not a big deal considering the fact that they failed to show maturity as university students.but i don't believe this can happen in bigger public universities...Its going to be war,by the way where do u start from?

Richard Kofi Asravor said...

There is a way that seem right unto man but the end thereof. so my dear dont be surprise when such things happen. so be the world

Edward Gameli Degadzor said...

we are the future leaders of this precious nation of ours and i believe we should show that in every aspect of our lifes. where are the cultures and morals we used to uphold.i believe this dresscode will go a long way to affect our lives in positive ways.we should take note that the university is an institution of higher learning and for that matter we must look matured in the things we do, wear and what we say.we all know we would be facing the corporate world soon and a better and decently dressed person would be better placed. i believe we should all embrace this dress-code issue.lets start looking corporate for a better Ghana.