Monday, August 3, 2009

Maker Faire Africa in Accra, Ghana.

Organizers of Maker Faire Africa announced that Maker Faire Africa (MFA) will be held from August 14 - 16 in Accra, Ghana. Focused on bringing together acts of ingenuity and inventions from across the continent the 3-day event will host a series of workshops, seminars and lectures focused on 4 key innovation areas.

Designed to create a space on the continent where Afri-gadget-type innovations, inventions and initiatives can be sought, identified, brought to life, supported, amplified, and propagated, this conference will answer the question, "What happens when you put the drivers of ingenious concepts from across the African continent together and add resources to the mix?"

With more than 900 people expected to participate, MFA is a chance to change the conversation about Africa from development to innovation.

“So often the world hears the bad news coming from the African continent. Maker Faire is a chance to highlight the innovation, entrepreneurship and opportunity that abounds in Africa,” said Nii Simmonds, co-founder of Maker Faire Africa and Author of the Nubian Cheetah Blog."

With MFA, we can create a space where the best and brightest can come together to support each other, exchange intellectual capital and find the resources they need to deliver products that fulfill the most basic to the most complex needs on the continent. And this is just the beginning. We hope to propel this into a platform that continues to bring people and products together for the future.”

MFA will deliver 4 conference tracks all fostering conversation and collaboration with attendees:

* Robotics – Lead by Afrobotics in the ROBOlab, this track host lectures as well as a LEGO robotics workshop and competition.
* Agriculture & Environment – takes a new look at sustainability, green technologies and innovations such as biofuel and architecture.

* Science and Engineering - this track will highlight new innovations from the 3rd annual IDDS at KNUST as well as a series of hands on workshops.
* Arts & Crafts – held at an outdoor art center this track will showcase everything from sculptures to toys to textiles

To register or sponsor MFA please visit: MakerFaireAfrica

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