Monday, March 30, 2009

My Sleek Nokia E71

The evolution for change finally happened in my own small world sometimes last week. I got delivery off the new Nokia E71. Previously, I had the Nokia 1110i which I called the "green-tooth" and the iPhone 3G  and trust me, it didn't last more 3 weeks in my hands. Its not what you are thinking, I wasn't "kwashed" [tr: forcibly attacking and robbing you of all your possessions]. Before I could say jack, I got a buyer who needed it urgently. I had to let my 3G go just like that..

I have let go of my "green-tooth" yet though. With the type of poor gsm services from the most subscribed provider, MTN, I would still need it around though. I just love textin' on the green-tooth.. 

Now back to E71. Would you believe, I spent almost the whole day just reading about it, what applications to install, a few tricks and tips and more? Trust me my dear reader, I don't sleep these days ooo and the coming of this sleek-cute-small phone has worsen my almost complicated situation with sleep. I've got all your photos downloaded on it already. I don't wanna miss y'all at all. 

Well, I'm hoping to start some sort of a therapy on sleep soon, though.  My nocturnal life is becoming a great bother to me but I just can't help myself. Would you offer any advice? I shall be more than grateful.. 

With the Nokia E71, you have to hold it to feel how small it is. It has a very solid feel to it. Its got it all; US 3.5G, GPS, Bluetooth, Infra-Red, QWERTY Keyboard format, and its smaller than the  iPhone.

Typing on the keyboard is great but I know, them ladies with long nails might end up finding this sleek gadget not cool at all but I know, what I am talking about. I have already setup my gmail account, exchange account  and all my contacts are in place. I haven't loose you yet, I've still got your emails on the GO.. 

The E71 already came with the following applications installed: Adobe PDF viewer, File manager, Unit Converter, Java VM, Flash Lite 3.0, Podcasting, FM radio, Camera, Voice Recorder, Gallery, Ovi/Flickr,Vox support, Nokia Maps, GPS utility, Zip manager, Music Player and Application Downloader.

I have a couple of applications running currently. I've got the KJNV Bible, eBuddy, Facebook Mobile, Handago, Call Recorder (for unknown numbers), Resco Bubbles, ShoZu (for uploading photos and mobile bloggin').

I am yet to install the "Amaze GPS" because I've heard, Accra is on it. Let me do that and shall keep y'all updated. If you've got a new gadget and want to share more about it, just feel and lets us know! 

Me for now, I shall be looking for such articles from you.. 

Oya, I don go now..

Friday, March 20, 2009

What's Becoming Of Our Ghanaian Movies.!!

Looks like making enemies is the easiest thing to do lately, all you have to do is to air your views by what ever means and you are sure to make an arch-enemy who will give up his life to pin you down.

As far as I am concerned, speaking up is not a crime at all for as long as my comments are constructive and are of a good measure. Film acting is not only an explorative showbiz or profession, but that which also calls for demonstration of gifts in evoking naturality.

I have always prefered our own local movies to foreign ones whiles living abroad because there's no doubt that I've missed out on a lot of things from home hence after a hard day's work, I get fixed to a Naija [tr: another name for a Nigerian] or Ghana-man movie which I deem, a hobby. Recently, I've been getting angry with what turns out to be a sheer gibberish and a waste of precious time.

Let no one think I am ''bad-mouthing'' our movie industry because that is not the case at all, and for those who share my sentiments they will bear with me on the note that some of these local movies are just too hard to watch. Massa, they are just too hard. Period!

If I have to compare the horror of watching our Ghanaian movies to a real sci-fi horror,''My bloody valentine'', I would say, ironically, the horror feeling is not in the movie's ability to exude terror and to hold viewers intrigued but the horror lies in the boredom of seeing the same old faces, the blend of both professional and unprofessional acting, the recurrent use of foul language amongst many other flaws that's plagued the movie industry so badly leaving viewers questioning, whats going to happen next?


I have watched'' life and living it'' and for those who have seen it will have all thumbs up for Shirley, I wont say it was perfect but it certainly had elements that one could fairly acknowledge as a good movie but what I couldn't stand, was the language. It was either someone was busily swearing unnecessarily or nearly everyone was playing the fake American or British accent which to me was appalling.

The characters of Rama Brew and Bibi Brew were great in terms of language and accent, some other actors were equally good but for those who kept an eye closely, the bad nuts were all too visible. Can I ask question please? Who said swearing,''fuck!,"shit!", "bloody!", etc is a sign of elitism? Or maybe, is there a con structural clause that says,''no swearing, no acting?''  Please tell me!

Well your guess is as good as mine.

Credits to all the boring and outmoded faces of Jackie Appiah, Nadia BuariVan Vicker amongst many others. Is it that they are just too good that no new one joins the club or they are all we have for now? I guess that is what we trade for if producers decide to extort money from up coming actors all in the name of '' paying for or buying audition forms''. Why does Van Vicker have a "Joseph" in his names and he's not using it? 

As for the poor and mutilated story lines plus the unprofessional skills in acting, I suppose these are all well noted ingredients adding up to a bad movie day for the ''choice less'' viewer sitting behind the screen.

Don't take this as a movie review as it is not and can't be, this is the opinion of a loyal fan of any thing Ghanaian, proudly Made In Ghana and a passionate viewer of these advanced "Akan drama'' polished up in English.

In fact I am just tired of defending all this rubbish called movies as every time I sit in my lounge with shame staring at my face while my Naija [tr: another name for a Nigerian] counterparts jeer and cheer their hearts out to their overrated ''nollywood'' movies. It is not like they are better than as but maybe the difference lays in what if I can be forgiven and allowed, I may invite the ghost of Suzzy Williams to attest to. 

Pardon me, my dear reader; let me ask this question. Who kill that fine actress?? Its a big question but if you think, you have answers, please feel free and let me [us] know.. 

I believe nothing is going to change if we do not shape up our ways, I can certainly predict we are going to keep seeing hilarious "Agya Koo" and "Kyeiwaa" incite some laughter in us that will make us crack our ribs in pain while our tear ducts run dry of tears.

Shaping up our crocked ways may take quite a lot but not too difficult to do. If producers will encourage the young ones and new faces into the industry rather than entrenching themselves as the over lords of our movies, I think we'll surely get somewhere. If young ones, especially ladies, would get their priorities right by not allowing men in between their legs with intent of becoming celebrities, I should think; that will also ease the burden of a bad movie day for a viewer.

Actors and actress should be fair to acknowledge what a bad script is and should be able to critic their own works, if that seems too difficult to do, kindly hire a professional movie critic and surely that is the one with common sense. They be interested in the needs of the viewers to who these movies are made for and not just the cash that they earn making them feel like bank-able actors on top of the world.

The bad language and swear words should be stopped in all because it teaches nothing at all in the end. Swear words are regarded as very rude in the developed cultures were these languages are thought to be ''acceptable'' in ours. 

And to the producers and all the the architects both on screen and behind the scenes, you would  bear with me that, one person playing the roles of a writer, producer and director is just too ''dangerous'', because not only are those roles exhausting but they deprive one the ability to come out with a flawless movie. And for people advancing from other fields into the movie industry,these three- in- one roles can just add up to our already selected ingredients to making a real bad movie day for all.

For a start people should be ready to share these roles and to accept criticism, there's no doubt that one can execute these roles perfectly after building a reputable experience base which surely comes with time. With all these having been said, I look forward to a positive change in this vain, and just like many others before me, I do not know if some one is listening or even reading but I surely look forward to the day that I can also subject my naija or anago counterparts to ridicule in my defence and most importantly.

I dream of the day a Ghanaian movie can churn my feelings around with its thrill and intrigue satisfying my need after a real hard day's work. M-I-G y'all.

God bless Ghana-man !!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Without YOU

I have been a great fan of Kirk Franklin since I started going to church and hearing the choir sing most of his songs. The cheorography group at my church usually performs with most of his songs, especially, "Revolution" and "Stomp". 

For sometimes now, I haven't been listening to him more until this morning, whiles flipping through the channels on the DSTV, I stumbled on this piece called, "Without YOU" been played at OneGo, a Gospel Music channel on the decoder. 

Hope you enjoy it as much I did enjoyed it very well. Wishing you all a great and a blessed weekend.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Letter To ........

Good Evening / Morning.....

I don't like to speak about my personal stuff, but I think I should let you know I'm going through something. Something, I feel I should discuss with my readers, friends, critics, haters and see what advice, they have for me. I truly believed, its time people open up and express their thoughts about issues freely.

Relationships they say, have its up and downs. It might interest you to know, I have been in and out of it a couple of times and I still don't believe its true. The feeling to get attached to someone is always there but I often choose to remain adamant about the fact that, the same things will happen again, no matter what.

So, what at all is called; "crush"? Okay, what happens when someone gets a crush over another person? Does it necessarily have to do with the heart or its just some kind of stupid feeling that runs deep into your heart? What actually comes to mind about it?

I wrote a letter to love, I told it of the hurts and the pains it caused.

I would look love in the eyes and ask where Christ was, and how could love turn this way. I would question the emotion, the feeling , the you and me. Why the hold? Why the pain? Why all the rain?

I would look love in the eyes and question the reality and the issues I have claimed and embraced. You said, you love me but you ended up hurting me again, is that love?

Love, the damages of you have left me very cold. Blue, and Unemotional. Angry, and full of ridicule. I want to warm to you. But memories clog me, they surround me, stare at me and say don’t do it, remember me! You might get hurt again..

I say to love, just leave….I will be okay, but trust me, it wouldn't!

So, to answer you, yes, YOU. I know very well, you are shaking your head right now but don't freak out.. I am only answering you.. I am all you describe. I am this way, because loved ruin the new of me and you. The old of the past has caused me to hide and be cruel. It says to judge you, break you down, and leave.

But love has exceptions to the rule. And you might be that thing. A love, that holds true. Maybe the Christ I search for dwells in you. When I was with you, you changed a lot but the moment we went our separate ways, my old me came back.. Is this what love is?

If so, love be true. Hold on to me, understand me through this state. Understand, all the love I have instead of hate that I exhibit. Because I have inhibited hate that pretended to be love. And love is what I gave, instead all I felt was pain.

Return the favor, love hold me in your chamber. If you feel that its not for me, let it be. Yet, give me a chance, I can grow, and you can put flowers in my empty pot. Those seeds will produce the love that use to dwell in me.

Love remember me.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Central University Introduces Dress Code

Just recently, the authorities of the Central University College (CUC) have introduced a dress code for the students.  Clothes and hairstyles of the ladies, under the code, are to emphasise their unique and sacred identity.  According to the code, dresses that expose the breast, upper thighs, loins and panties are regarded as indecent.

"By these, we mean transparent, sheer or tight-fitting blouses, sweaters and sleeveless tops (spaghetti strap), while T-shirts are not permitted," the code indicates, adding that short blouses and dresses with low neck lines are also not permitted.  The students are not allowed to wear shorts and tight-fitting slacks, because they are considered inappropriate for lectures, while skirts and trousers with stylish cuts are also disallowed.

They are also not allowed to wear anklets, while wearing of more than one pair of earrings is prohibited, just as it is an offence to wear T-shirts with offensive inscriptions.  The men are required to wear trousers and shirts with collar and tie or decent African wear, and it is also not acceptable for them to wear sleeveless T-shirts. The men can only wear shorts for sporting and recreational activities and they cannot wear earrings, nor can they braid their hair.

I think this is the ridiculous code of it kind I have ever seen. I dont believe a university which centers on training professionals for the morden world should have such imposition on the the democratic minded individuals of the institution. If a lecturer should say because of the way you are dressed I can't teach you, then I believe that lecturer should be dismissed for being a potential threat to the students. 

I believe the authorities should rethink their decision, because it's a bit out of time. Shame on those tie wearing authorities who think all young people should dress like them. Even Central University of Baghdad does not have such impositions on their students. The fact that, Central University is a private institution does not mean, they can imposed these laws on the students just like that.

 As a matter of fact, I haven't seen much nude dressings on the campus of Central University than on Legon Campus. When you happen to find yourself on the campus of the premier university [University of Ghana], you would be shocked to see the type of attires students wear for lectures. Its just too unbearable but that is not the case at Central University. Also, I don't really blame anyone for now, I rather blame the very students this law is about to affect. 

When this so-called dress code was passed, they never opposed it immediately but rather, sat for almost weeks before realizing how they are going to be affected. Dear reader, if you will agree with me, there is a saying in akan which goes this way; "the one who climbs a good tree deserves a push." I feel, if they [students] had spoken on this issue right from day one, this would be a big problem. 

My question is; what if I can't afford those shirts with collars and ties? How am I suppose to attend lectures if I only have t-shirts? The authorities needs to review these dress code of kind and make the universal environment to be free and  neutral instead of these restrictions on dressing.