Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Untitled 02.17.2009 @ 1320GMT

I have some issues on my mind, I wanna pour out now.

First of foremost..



Its official now, I hate MTN.

I just hate the service provider. They are taking us for granted.
I have not been able to send a simple text message for the past 6 days going to a week.
What The Fuck is wrong with these people?
Friends have been complainig but, I normally take things on a lighter note.

NOW, I am in the bigger soup..

The most annoying part is here:

It took me well over 2hrs to be connected through to the customer service rep.
Whenever you dial their customer center number, 111, please be assured, it won't go through unless Jesus Christ is by your side. Lol.

I finally got through and this gentleman asked me; "My name is Konney, how may I help you? I started telling him all the shit I have gone through just because I couldn't send messages for the past 6days only for him to tell me, "Please Sir, we are working on it".

This part really got me so upset. I wish, I was by him to give that dude a derty slap. I have been calling the customer service center almost everyday since this issue started and all they keep saying is, "We are working on your problem."

FUCK THEM.. Yeah, you heard me.. Fuck MTN..

What the Fuck at all, are they working on...
FUCK the bullshit and let my SIM card be able to work well.
Let me send sms ooooooo!

Do you really want to know how I feel right now?

Fuck MTN.

Fuck THEM.



I am thinking of starting a group on the negative side of MTN.
Things people are going through in the hands of this bull-crap GSM company..

Cyril, I would need your song;

"This Big Phone, I dey Hold. I dey Call 024, Ino dey gooo"
Please promise, you'll let me use it for my cause.

I just can't believe, they've introduced another number on their already choked network.
People, where are we going??
How can we seat for these people to throwing sand into our eyes just like that?

They are taken us for a fools ride for long!
Let do something about this BULLSHIT.
Their network is already choked, instead on working to make things better,
they've introduce another number, "054".

Who the FUCK needs your choked-virus ridden-dirty-corrupt and useless network?

I am so pissed right now. Most of my friends and families are on this BULL-CRAP network called, MTN.

How I wish, all of my friends, families and everyone facing this bullshit from MTN would migrate to another network for them to see how they would make profit again.

This shit just upsets me so much, I wanna cause a .....!,
I'm just going to pretend as if it never happened.
And in pretending like it never happened I will surely move the fuck on.

I am joining another network NOW.....

I am DONE!