Thursday, June 3, 2010

Google-Ghana Event in Accra, Ghana.

Google is on a road-trip across Africa. G-Nigeria Day 2010 came off at the University of Lagos from 18 - 20 February, 2010. It's the turn of Ghana this week.

Google want to meet with
software developers, technology entrepreneurs and marketing professionals at the G|Ghana event..
Google Ghana is holding a two day event aimed at software developers and entrepreneurs in Ghana. The event; G|Ghana - is aimed at introducing developers to Google technology and application development tools and platforms and also demonstrating Google tools that could be useful to entrepreneurs and for innovation.

The venue for the 2-day event will be at "Ghana's ICT Hub";
Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT (AITI-KACE).

According to the g|Ghana homepage;

Day 1
: June 3rd, 2010 will focus on pushing the boundaries of web applications using Google developer technologies. Google engineers and web development leaders will lead you through one full day of in-depth sessions on the latest Google technologies and hands-on codelabs. The day will also be about bringing brilliant developers together to share their own ideas. There will be plenty of time to meet other developers, discuss ideas and share what you've been working on.

Day 2
: June 4th, 2010 will be full of Google product demonstrations for small or medium sized businesses to help spur innovation and entrepreneurship in the region. We will discuss how to create content using online tools, how to market them and how to monetize. Furthermore we will discuss several tools to better manage your business. Finally, we will host a VC panel to who will share their expertise in funds and launching technology ventures.

Also, Laptops are not necessary but it sure will be very ideal to carry one for LIVE blogging & tweeting. Lunch will also be provided free of charge.

I'm leaving for
Accra tonight from Takoradi to be able to attend Day 2 of G|Ghana. Hope to see you there if possible...!
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