Monday, June 7, 2010

Environmental Film Festival Opens in Accra.

 The Environmental Film Festival of Accra (EFFA) opened this year’s festival at the College of Physicians and Surgeons Hall in Accra, Ghana under the themes ;
"Is Ghana ready for climate change?" and "Can Ghana solve its waste crisis?" 

 To answer these questions, the festival will hold two sets of panel discussions at the British Council on 4th and  8th June. The whole event began on June 3, 2010 and will be continuing till June 10, 2010.

Series of environmental documentaries have been scheduled to be shown at the following locations; British Council of Ghana, Trashy Bags, Alliance Francais and the Goethe-Institute. As part of their open air screenings, which attract over 7,000 people last year; the organizers have decide to show 5 films at the refugee settlement in Budumburam on the outskirts of Accra.

Preceding the open air screening at the refugee camp in Budumburam, a concert headlined by Mastretta, a ten-piece chart topping Spanish band will perform together with Kings Jubilee and a few other local artistes. Since its inception in 2004, EFFA has screened over a 100 films covering wide range of issues; Sanitation, Plastic Waste Management, Environment etc. Internationally about 1000 films have been screened at different locations world-wide..

At the formal opening, Dr. Juliette Tuakli, Chairperson of EFFA, said the festival started as a small collection of friends and film enthusiasts who came together to watch films that concerns about the environment.

There was a climate change drama sketch titled "Heat Wave" presented by the Theatre Factory after the  premiere of "a long dry season" a film directed by Dr.Kwesi Owusu; co-director of the festival. This documentary looks at the impact of climate change in Ghana with a focus on women’s livelihoods. It reveals the dwindling water levels at Akosombo; site of Ghana’s hydroelectric dam, significant sea erosion at Keta and threats to the cocoa industry.

A list of Ghanaian made-documentaries which will be shown at the festival includes: "A long dry season" (10mins, Dr. Kwesi Owusu), "Agbobloshie" (9mins, Young Filmmakers Workshop), "Ghana’s Plastic Waste Menace"(14mins, Dr. Kwesi Owusu), "Greening the City" (7mins,Dr. Kwesi Owusu) "Stop the Noise" (6min,Young Filmmakers Workshop), "Electronic Waste"( 10mins, Dr. Kwesi Owusu) and "Environmental Patrol strikes again" (6min,Young Filmmakers Workshop)

Credit: Nii Aryetey Aryeh
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Mike said...

I hope this movement grows and enlightens people.
If you attend this event & meet some of the organizers, introduce them to Golda @ Saving Ghana blog.