Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ghana Blogger at COP15, Denmark.

I left Accra last night [11.12.2009] to attend the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change which is ongoing in Copenhagen, Denmark. The program started from the 7th Dec and should be over with a "reached agreement" by the 18th Dec, 2009. The temperature upon arrival was 2°C; I quickly have to change into proper warm clothes before stepping outside.

I arrived 0810 local time and had to wait for my host; Kwesi Asare Bekoe [a High School Mate from Presec, Legon] to come meet me. Exactly 0845, he quickly spotted me in my Ghana Flag wrapped around my neck. It was very nice seeing him after days of talking about my coming online.

Fast-Forward >> He explained the train/metro system to me which I already was familiar with but still have to pay rapid attention to. There was a COP15 bus been deployed to pick-up all those arriving for the summit at the airport to the Bella Center every 10mins. Since my host wanted to us to rush to his place [Copenhagen Business School, Campus] before going to the Bella Center, he bought ticket for us [I and him] for the trip.

Reaching the Central Station, I had to grab a SIM Card for SMS, Int'l & Local Calls. Kwesi advised I buy the "VECTONE Mobile" card since that's what he's using and it's relatively cheaper. True to his words, it's very cheap to call international from Copenhagen on this SIM Card.

Kwesi showed me the various stops on the Metro and where to do my switching of lane. We got to the stop called "FORUM", took the elevator up to the street level, crossed to the opposite to join the bus numbered A2 which goes to his apartment. His place is the last stop on the route so he advised we seat the rear of the bus.

Fast-Forward >> Got to his place, grabbed some food to eat and had to rush to the Bella Center to process my accreditation and Press/Buss Passes. It was very easy locating my stops both on the metro and on the bus lanes.

Arriving at the Bell Center, I saw this huge crowd of different people from different parts of the world all in a queue to get registered for all events till the 18th Dec, 2009. The weather was very cold [temp at that time was -3°C]. I saw a few African Nationals really struggling with the cold because their clothes weren't helping at all. Some of the officials upon seeing how the weather was having a very bad effect on some of the people in the queue decided to allow us all in to the security area which was very warm.

Finally, it got to my turn in the queue. I have to loosen everything in my jacket before going through the metal detectors. I passed and all went successful. Not a single beep from the system. [Same happened in Kotoka Int'l Airport, back home in Accra].

I showed up at the UN Desk to confirm my accreditation and also process my Events/Transport Pass. The lady was having a hard time locating my name in the system. This went on for almost 1-hour and I just had to give up and come sort it out later. The same time I was behind the counter, that very time too; a Protest Match was going on in downtown Copenhagen, where demonstrators were matching from Christiansborg Slotsplads, or Castle Square, toward the Bella Center. [More on that in my next post]

I decided to go to the Fresh Air Center which is a rapid response digital media hub in Copenhagen for top global bloggers and digital campaigners. This place is been operated for free by the Tcktcktck Organization. The goal of the Fresh Air Center is to help civil society define the narratives coming from COP-15, encourage sharing and collaboration, and break through the noise by connecting powerful NGO, blogger, and independent digital media channels together.

I am currently sited in a conversation with Beka and Safaah over events for next coming days and also tweeting as usual…!!


eduardo said...

Thanks for the pics, hope you stay warm and have a good time at the same time...


Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

2 degrees? No immediate effect of the global warming they are talking about? ;-)

Thought you might wanna see my latest post which talks about you!

Enjoy COP 15