Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 5 & 6: We want a Real Deal

I joined a group of climate change activists, bloggers and youth for a candle light vigil at a hall opposite the KlimaForum in Copenhagen. Even though the temperature was very bad, the turn-out was very huge and this shows how people were passionate towards the climate change issue and were demanding for a fair, ambitious and a legally binding deal.

The main reason for the vigil was to stand together in a moment of silence and also tell world leaders that "Now is the time for a Real Deal".

Each of the 1,200 candles held by the participants at the vigil read, "This candle represents 10,000 people who want a real deal", referring to for a fair, ambitious, and binding climate treaty called for in the Tcktcktck petition. However, the vigil was not held inside the Bella Center, where the heads of state from over 110 countries have gathered, as almost all representatives of civil society were removed from the Bella Center some days ago.

Below are photos from the Candle Light Vigil.

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