Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Volta Hall Week Pool Bash @ Kokrobitey!

On Sunday afternoon, after returning from church, I hurriedly entered the kitchen and placed some rice on the gas burner as fast as I could because, I never had breakfast before going to church. Whiles at church, I was thinking, by the time we get home, Jude (cousin in Cape Coast Uni) might have cooked something but to my utmost dismay, he was sipping tea when we got back in the name of, I was not really hungry.. lol

I stood near the gas burner, constantly checking if there is any progress with the rice. I would drive a spoon through it once a while to see if, it is getting to some boiling point. I left the kitchen to go look for my basketball short which I shall wear to the beach that afternoon…

Came to the kitchen to see Jerome, my kiddo brotha stirring the rice and also checking to see, if it’s cooked. I warned him to stay off or else, he shall know no peace that after. Previously, I had asked him to go put some rice on the fire and eh said, Hell No… So, why now come and be stirring the rice, people ask him for me ooh.

Finally, I smelled the aroma of the rice from the sitting lounge and hurriedly got to the kitchen only to find Jude, scooping about half the content in the name of, “we are three”. I guess, you would by now be imagining the look on my screwed face. Astonished! Well, I couldn’t deny him the right to eat, therefore I just had to allow him and Jerome take some and I did justice to the rest.

Alas, the van was ready to make the long journey to the Volta Hall Week Beach Bash @ Kokrobitey. A close family friend, Marcus and his brotha, Nana who joined us had to go pick a few friends from the Pentagon Hostel on the campus of University of Ghana. It happened, they were 3 gals and they had to be in his momma’s Ford Explorer. We left Legon Campus heading towards Achimota to pick, KayDee, another family friend, the nature of our friends are normally rooted deep in the family way..

Half-way through the journey, we reached a police check point and luckily for us, it was a lady Sergeant on duty and she beckoned Dave, (my half brother) to produce his license and the documents covering the car since it wasn’t registered. It had a trial number and we must all times carry its log book and all..

Before then, Dave had a police notice for misplacing his drivers license and it was the lady sergeant who even reminded him, it shall expire the next day, therefore he must go and have his license or else, he shall not find it easy at all.We did thanked her and speed away only to find another bunch of crazy-looking money-conscious police officers, these time around, MEN with AK’s. They realized, we were just going to have fun and never wasted our time at all instead, one just asked us to get him GH¢1.00 for him to get a packet of cigarette for his immediate officer which we did and went our.

We finally got to the beach and starting meeting a couple of friends from my high school and those I used to play basketball with on the Legon Campus. I met Nokio taking it cool and calm with his Caucasian mate, saw all colors and shades of ladies, from obolos-not too obolos, shorties, slendies, and skinnies. Soon, it was dark and the real jams got underway. DJ Mensah from Empire Entertainment, DJ Nii-Aryee from Joy FM, Mr. Drive-Jam, Bola Ray were all there to give the students and friskers a real treat on the dancing floor. Man, it was the bOmB.

Later, as the K4 Buses (Metro Mass Buses) started tooting their horns signifying, departure is due, the “kwashe3 boys’ started snatching the ladies bags and mobile phones. Dave lost his freshest pink colored ipod in the process of getting to the van. Sorry brotha. I shall get you another one when my wages are in. lol

We started the journey back home and not long after, I fell asleep. I woke up when we had stopped at a near by kenkey joint to get some supper since no-one would cook that nite… The moment I got home, I called a very good friend of mine; made her aware, I was back safely and tried describing the turn of events to her.

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Esi W. Cleland said...

the whole thing with your kid brother scooping some of the rice sounds really funny. specially since he refused to go noa (cook)it. Keep blogging:)