Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Nkran Abrabor II. (Accra Life) Part II

Look sistethren and brethren who do read my blogs, I hear well, I have no hearing impairment and I read well. The intended meanings into the comments some readers make about this blogs is way beyond your average sleaze and cheap tabloids. Every issue raised is thoroughly researched into and written to fit well into the brackets of the law and all the tenets of the noble Pen Profession.

I have not been feeling well lately but I am fine as at today. I had a problem with my neck and left shoulder, and a British friend of mine suggested, I go see a Chiropractor. I just made her aware, it’s not easy to locate one in Ghana and even if you do, it’s going to be very expensive. She laughed!

On the front page of this morning’s People’s Daily Graphic of our noble gold-coast now Ghana, is the caption, “27,000 To Go Home”. The story says, all 27,000 Liberian refugees resident in the country are to be sent back to their native now-peace-free country to help rebuild their country. According to sources, the security of the nation might be breached when care is not taken because; amongst the refugees are ex-combatants who can jeopardize the peace atmosphere the country is enjoying currently. Therefore, there is the need for all of to be sent back.

People out there; don’t be disturbed by this news at all. We have done what we can to accommodate them. Feed them, provide them with shelter and almost everything but they don’t seem to appreciate it. Rather, they decided to go on a strike and demand for a $1000.00 before leaving the land of Ghana. Did we ask for war to befall Liberia? Are we the cause of all the attrocities that befell them? Hell No!

The poorer a nation the more religious it becomes. The more religious one becomes the poorer one is. By the way, how true is this assertion? Much is known about our plight and socio-economic situation. Note, I didn’t say anything about spirituality, because one can be spiritual without necessarily being religious.

It is rather sad that our NHIS couldn’t chip in to help Auntie Ama Asumani. The health of our nation is at stake here. How do the poor and vulnerable people cope in times of crisis when the wages is from hand to mouth? Maybe some organizations in Ghana deduct money for the NHIS but many do not. Is there any provision made for such group within our society? The NHIS is not really well organized and I believe, they need to revisit it before implementing.

Let have a look at this scenario; I registered for the NHIS in Fijai in Sekondi-Takoradi in the Western Region whiles working there and now, I moved back to Accra and suddenly fell ill. I went to a health care post only to be told, I can’t be attended to here because, I registered in the Western Region. Do I have to go back to the Western Region for health care? Doesn’t this sound very strange??

Ghanaians are ranked, 4th most people who like to travel for greener pastures. Recently, there was a commercial on the radio for tourist and travelers who will like to explore the other end of the island nations, Barbados, Cayman Island, Jamaica and the rest by a travel and tour operator in Accra. Many people rushed to book for their seats just because, there is no Visa required if you holds a Ghanaians passport.

Lemme tell you this, what a typical Ghana man hates to hear is, Ghanaians don’t require visa to enter so-so countries, they shall pack bag and baggage and head towards that country without even studying about those countries economy or whatsoever.

Now the government of Ghanakrom has committed $12million to hire a plane to fly home about 50 stranded Ghanaians in Barbados. The deputy minister of foreign affairs, Dr. Charles Brempong-Yeboah, who made this known, said the stranded travelers paid between GH¢4000 and GH¢10000 Ghana Cedis to get to Barbados for just two weeks in the name of travel experience.

To him they could have used the money they paid to the travel agent to invest at home instead of embarking upon such trips with the hope of moving from there to enter either Canada or the USA.

Why won’t this happen, when you get to the American and British Consulate, you get denied because you have no travel experience whiles all your documents are original and correct??? Oh, oman Ghana. When shall all these stop…?

Ghana is surely a strange place when it comes to sex and sexuality. People are embarrassed to talk about it much, but they do it a lot.

Case in point; Masturbation. I know, it sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it's not. A radio presenter at in Takoradi asked me what I thought about masturbation. I genuinely said; I figured everyone had done it at some point in their lives. So we asked some other people, and nobody would admit it in person, but almost everyone admitted it on the radio, having had the chance to conceal their identities.

There’s also a huge variety of herbal potions to enhance sexual pleasure, often being sold by street hawkers who can't even read the labels if they happen to be in English. I remember when Jude visited from Canada, someone tried to sell him a little bottle of 'sex juice'. It had a picture of a couple having sex and that was really all the information to be gleaned from the bottle.

Women are especially frowned upon if they admit to having had multiple sexual partners. It’s gotten so bad that they've resorted to herbal concoctions that changes their organ, and makes men think they're virgins. Oh yeah...the concoctions / potion causes cervical cancer and sometimes HIV.

It reminds me of “bon jovi”. "Your love is like baaad medicine..." really, really baaaad medicine.

On a lighter sex-related note, Ghana chocolate is good. Pure cocoa, very few chemicals. Cadbury from London will never taste the same. Now that's orgasmic!

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