Monday, September 13, 2010

Blending Visuals into Music - M3NSA

No.1 Mango Street – the international debut album by MC, singer and producer M3NSA. The single is a cocktail of eclectic Afro sounds infused with Nu-jazz and High-Life delicately underscored with sweet harmonies of rhythm and blues. 

An inspirational single antiquated with the adage "No one knows tomorrow". The wonderfully sang sampled chorus by the Nigerian soul singer Asa offers unforgettable words which rings true to the listener. A fusion of soul and Afro hi-hop sets this single apart as an all time hip-life anthem.

Enjoy the song by clicking on the link below and support the upcoming project.

No.1 Mango Street is one of those albums which will help bring to the menu that Hip-hop has been missing for a long time – an authentic, everyday perspective which has made the genre fun and enlightening at the same time.

With snatches of Twi and Pidgin, the clever rhyme schemes and narratives are what make this album universally "relatable". Says M3NSA, 
“You don't have to be into African hip-hop to listen to the album, you just have to be into music.”
Visuals always help tell a story more vibrantly, with pictures, colors, scenery and action, to fulfill all the things missed out sonically. Not only does a video enhance sound or music for that matter, we’re in an age where people always want to connect music with images. 

The video tells the story of a man looking to find what exactly the future will bring, by consulting soothsayers, fortune tellers etc. However, what they predict is often inaccurate and he has to alter the future himself.

MOBO nominated- Best African Act (2010), this single is proof of the great artiste M3nsa is. Definitely a single to have in your collection of must haves music this year. The single is Timeless and Inspirational; a great chill out and party song for every occasion.

[Edited by Sankofa Pictures. Written for Sankofa Pictures  by Javada Appenteng with extracts from M3nsa's press release 2010]
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Also; vote for this artiste to win the Best Africa Act at The MOBO 2010 by voting here: MOBO Best African Act 2010

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Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

This Mensa guy is clever and talented.

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